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Growth Branding Masterclass

Elevate Your Brand Story to Attract Your Ideal Customers

Discover How To:

  • Simplify your message

  • Attract your ideal customers

  • Grow your business faster

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Dear Business Owner...

Now more than ever before...


If you want to attract your ideal customers and stand out from the competition...


You need to nail the most critical piece of your digital marketing strategy that will completely make or break your business...


The one thing that immediately gets your prospects ready to buy or sends them running away.


And what's that?


You need a compelling message that clearly explains who you are, what you sell, and why they should buy from YOU.


But not just any message will cut through the noise in today's crowded digital marketplace.


You need a persuasive Brand Story that captures the hearts and minds of your ideal customers, getting them excited to buy.


Without a compelling offer, visitors leave your site in seconds, your ad campaigns don't convert, and you end up spending too much time on sales calls trying to explain what you do and not enough time actually closing sales.


That's where the Growth Branding Masterclass can help!

What is Growth Branding?

When it comes to brand messaging, there are two styles most businesses use:

  • Direct Response – This is a style of copywriting designed to get immediate sales that most "internet marketers" and "gurus" use. The problem is that it often comes off as too spammy.
  • Branding – On the other end of the spectrum, you have the pie-in-sky, big picture style of messaging that tells a nice story, but doesn't inspire action or lead to immediate sales.

Growth Branding merges the emotion-evoking style of Direct Response with the powerful storytelling of Branding to spark immediate sales as well as the long-term development of your brand and reputation.

How it Works

Step 1: Foundation

The first two modules lay a strong foundation by teaching you the mindset and principles of persuasion to create a compelling message.

Step 2: Creation

With the foundation in place, you'll go through a step-by-step process to create your Brand Story and to craft the messaging for your Offer.

Step 3: Implementation

Once you've got your Brand Story ready to go, you'll follow a provided checklist to implement your new brand messaging.


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The Growth Branding Masterclass will teach you, step by step, how to elevate your brand message to attract your ideal customers and grow your business!

$2800 $599

Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Growth Branding Masterclass

Elevate your Brand Story to attract your ideal customers.

  • Increase Sales By Clarifying Your Message

    Is explaining what you do complicated? Do prospects see the value in your offer? We'll help you eliminate confusion and deliver a message that clearly explains what you offer and why it's valuable.

  • Differentiate Yourself to Avoid Being Seen as a Commodity

    Avoid price-shoppers by telling a story that resonates with your Ideal Customers so they are more focused on the value they receive than the price you charge.

  • Understand Buyer Psychology (No PhD Required) 

    Forget about overanalyzing demographics, psychographics, and all that other stuff that doesn't really matter – we only focus on the psychological principles that drive consumer behavior.

  • Never Worry About "What to Say" in Your Content or Sales Calls

    You'll learn how to effortlessly describe what you sell, who it's for, and why they should choose you. Plus, you'll discover how to tap into limitless content potential by focusing on the 3 things your prospects care about most.

  • Turn Natural Human Biases Into Competitive Selling Advantages

    We'll show you how to tap into the natural desires and biases all humans already have to create more urgency and perceived value for your Offer.

  • You Don't Need a Unique Business 

    Find out how "boring" businesses can create a unique story by making a single shift in how they present their Offer.

  • No Copywriting Experience Required

    If you can talk like a real human, you can use our step-by-step framework to craft a compelling Brand Story.

  • No Spammy or Manipulative Tactics

    We focus on highly-persuasive but ethical tactics so you don't come off as an annoying used car salesman.

    You're Protected By Our Risk-Free


    We are beyond convinced that you'll not only LOVE the Growth Branding Masterclass but when you actually implement everything, you'll be amazed at the results. However, if for some reason you're unhappy with your purchase, we'll gladly provide a full refund with no hassles.

    Take a Look at What's Inside

    Below are all of the video lessons currently available in the Growth Branding Masterclass

    Module 1 – The Master Marketer Mindset

    Unlock the mindset required to create engaging, highly-profitable marketing campaigns.

    Persuasion vs Manipulation

    The Effectiveness Filter

    Planting Seeds

    Module 2 – Principles of Persuasion

    Discover the psychology of consumer behavior that guides all buying decisions.

    Weapons of Influence

    Fundamental Programming

    Brand Positioning

    The Power of Storytelling

    Module 3 – Create Your Brand Story

    Follow our step-by-step framework to create your Brand Story.

    What is a Brand Story?

    Your Ideal Buyer

    Your Offer and Sales Process

    Your Unique Value Proposition

    Your Brand Story and Marketing Message

    How to Implement Your Brand Story

    What Customers Say

    It was great!! The workshop made us evaluate our business in a way we never had before and gave us a ton of ideas that we can use for our social media content!


    We love it! You helped us put together the perfect message for what we wanted our brand to say to our audience!


    You have completely shifted the way we talk about our company to our customers and it's already making a difference in our sales teams performance. Thank you!


    Are You Ready to Elevate Your Brand?

    For this week only, you can register for the Growth Branding Masterclass at over 50% the regular price! Follow a proven framework to craft your Brand Story and never worry about "what to say" when describing your Offers ever again!

    $2800 $599

    Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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